About Us

Welcome to the Elementary School Website!

Birchwood Elementary meets the varied needs of a wide range of students through a traditional, yet innovative, style of learning and teaching.  Birchwood Elementary students are given the technology, skills, and knowledge necessary to be effective members of our school community and beyond.

At Birchwood Elementary, we provide our students with a high-quality education, low teacher-to-student ratios, learner-centered classrooms, structured schedules, high-quality academic preparation, and innovative teaching and technology integration.  Our traditional education fosters critical thinking and problem solving, 21st Century learning, group and individual work, differentiated instruction, creativity and innovation.  

We care about each and every child, and make strong connections to enable our students to be successful in school.  By emphasizing the social, emotional, physical, and intellectual development of each child, we strive to instill high standards for academic integrity, positive attitudes, and leadership in our students.  This is only possible when students, their families, teachers, and the community work together.